Some important details which you need to know
and the type of coverages which you should be aware!


Comprehensive Cover

At the time of accident whether you are at fault or not and damage your property or car this coverage will surely help you, and it will also cover the cost of transportation(towing), repairs and other costs like damage caused by other drivers.

Third party property cover

This is the coverage which you get when you destroy third party’s property, and the coverage is never given on your car with this policy, on the other hand, it usually includes legal costs and other claims service.

Additional coverage

The additional coverages such as additional features and other benefits which are available in your policy are for some insurer like the replacement of your car, no claim bonus protection. The policy which you purchase you should look for the extra benefits which you can get.

Third party theft and coverage on fire

Third party theft coverage is given when your car catches fire or gets stolen, and this coverage helps you in that case in the best possible manner.

Mandatory third party insurance

This third party insurance gives the driver who is legally liable for the personal injury, and this can include other drivers also, on the other hand, it varies as per state so check your state rules and regulations.

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The difference between Market and Agreed Value!

The accepted value is something which is approved by both by you and the insurer and the policy rate is fixed until the renewal.



On the other hand, market value is the value of the car depending on its model, age, and condition and shows the market value of the car at the time of claim.

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